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Explore the ultimate selection of blunt pipes at, where quality meets innovation for the perfect smoking experience. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of steamrollers, bubblers or the durability of spoons Pipes, we have the perfect blunt pipe to suit your style and preferences. With a range of portable and easy-to-clean options, is your one-stop destination for all things blunt-related.

Glass Blunt Pipe: Classic and Elegant

Discover the timeless appeal of glass blunt pipes, renowned for their smooth hits and elegant design. Our collection includes a variety of glass blunt pipes, from traditional straight tubes to chillums & one hitters that have innovative twist designs, allowing you to enjoy your favorite herb with style and sophistication.

Portable Easy-to-Clean Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe: On-the-Go Convenience

Experience the ultimate in convenience with our portable twisty glass blunt pipes. Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, these innovative pipes allow you to enjoy your herb wherever you go, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience every time.

Blunt Holder Pipe: Keep Your Blunt Secure

Never worry about your blunt rolling away again with our blunt holder pipes.

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These specialized pipes feature a built-in holder to keep your blunt in place while you smoke, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable smoking session every time.

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  • Twisty Glass Blunt | Original |
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    Twisty Glass Blunt | Original

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  • Hard Clamshell Pipe Case


    Do you need protection for your pipe while you are traveling?

    This case offers a hard shell outer to protect your pipe from drops and hits while the padded interior keeps the pipe snugly cushioned. Great for smaller dry-hitting pipes including chillums, spoons, glass blunts and more.

    Available in multiple sizes. Colors are assorted.

    Size Options

    • Small – 2.25×5 inches (5.7×12.7cm)
    • Medium – 3×7 inches (7.6×17.8cm)
    • Large – 3×9 inches (7.6×22.9)
  • High Times x Pulsar Beaker Water Pipe – Cowboys / 10.5″ / 14mm F

    Original price was: $84.99.Current price is: $79.99.
  • High Times x Pulsar Beaker Water Pipe – Uncle Sam / 10.5″ / 14mm F

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  • Purity Inline Perc Beaker Glass Bong |
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    Purity Inline Perc Beaker Glass Bong

    Original price was: $54.99.Current price is: $52.99.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is a glass blunt pipe?
    A glass blunt pipe is a type of smoking pipe that resembles a traditional blunt but is made of glass. It typically features a twist mechanism for easy loading and ashing.
  2. How do you use a glass blunt twist pipe?
    To use a glass blunt twist pipe, simply twist the mouthpiece to expose the chamber, fill it with ground herb, and twist the mouthpiece back in place. Light the end and enjoy!
  3. Are glass blunt pipes easy to clean?
    Yes, glass blunt pipes are generally easy to clean. Simply disassemble the pipe and soak it in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours, then rinse it thoroughly with water.
  4. What is the advantage of using a metal blunt pipe?
    Metal blunt pipes are durable and resistant to breakage, making them an excellent choice for smokers who are prone to accidents or prefer a more rugged option.
  5. Do you offer mini blunt pipes?
    Yes, we offer mini blunt pipes that are perfect for discreet smoking on the go. Despite their small size, these pipes deliver big hits and smooth draws.
  6. Can I use a glass blunt pipe with concentrates?
    While glass blunt pipes are primarily designed for use with dry herb, some models may be compatible with concentrates. Be sure to check the product description for compatibility.
  7. Do you offer blunt pipes with built-in ash catchers?
    Yes, some of our blunt pipes feature built-in ash catchers to prevent ash from entering your mouth while you smoke, ensuring a clean and enjoyable smoking experience.
  8. What is a freeze pipe blunt tip?
    A freeze pipe blunt tip is a specialized attachment that can be frozen before use to provide extra cooling and filtration for your smoke.
  9. How do I pack a glass blunt pipe?
    To pack a glass blunt pipe, simply twist the mouthpiece to expose the chamber, fill it with ground herb, and twist the mouthpiece back in place. Use a packing tool to ensure an even pack for optimal airflow.
  10. Why choose for blunt pipes? offers the best selection of blunt pipes at unbeatable prices. With our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and discreet shipping, we’re the ultimate destination for all your smoking needs.

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